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Chronic Bone Pain. PLEASE help!!!

Hi, I'm new here. Seventeen year old female. I joined this forum today simply because I really need some help/advice, if you would. To get to the point, I have chronic bone pain. No way am I saying that I have bone cancer, but I just have severe, chronic bone pain in every single one of my bones. Truth is, it kills me terribly.

How can I describe this pain, to the best of my ability? It's as if you are constantly placing metal to your fillings (in your teeth). That's how it feels, in all of my bones. My bones ache so much, and sometimes the pain reminds me of continuous electric shocks shocking my bones. My knees hurt so much, my right hip pops out of place too often, and a lot of the time, I cannot feel my feet, hands, toes or fingers. I lose circulation until my feet are purple!

Recently, last Monday of December 5, I had a nuclear bone scan. Everything came out normal. My question is, can this be possible with pain so bad in which I am facing? Are nuclear bone scans completely accurate? Most importantly, should I believe this bone scan and just try to live with the pain, or should I suggest other tests, to my doctor, for my bones? If I should try another route, what would it be, I mean, are there any other bone tests besides just a nuclear bone scan?

One more thing: I have a random, unexplained bruise located on my left hip. It's growing, but from what I can tell, but I have not felt a lump accompanying this bruise. The bone, where the bruise is located, is really sore. Any thoughts to what it could be?

I just really need some help here, and I appreciate anyone who is willing to give me some advice/help! I'm only seventeen (which is no excuse), and I am taking tylenol 2-3 times a day! Thank you so much in advance. I just feel like crap too often.
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There are a hundred tests that they should be running on you...and they need to rule out what you don't have in order to find out what you DO have.
I'm guessing that this is what the doctor is doing for you.

Maybe ask your doctor about things such as: Brodie's Abscess, This is when infection/pus forms in your bones. My eldest son was told that they thought he had bone cancer...he went through many tests ( and many bottles of Tylenol 3) before they determined that this was his problem. They drained the pus from his bones, and waited for new bone marrow to grow back. It took quite a while and he had to be very careful when walking so that he wouldn't break the hollow bones.
Another thing to check for is nerve damage/disease. Nerves are "curious" things, and they can cause all sorts of pain and circulation issues.
I broke my little toe two years ago...since then I keep losing circulation in my entire foot...and I have pain that radiates throughout that entire leg.
MS and other diseases such as fibromyalgia can cause random pain/sensations as well.
In your case it sounds like some sort of nerve problem.
I recently had all of my top teeth removed...I feel the same "metal fillings and electric shocks" in my mouth all the time. This is caused by the nerves just floating around bumping into the gums...or so that was how it was explained to me.
So...ask to have nerve testing done first. You'll need to see a neurologist.
And also...if you suffer from anxiety these same symptoms can appear.
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tschock, what was your eldest son's symptoms before his diagnosis with bone cancer? Did his health begin to decline before diagnosis? Just curious. Thanks so much for the help/advice!
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

Understand your predicament. But the nuclear bone scan is fairly accurate in detecting any structural bony lesions. A disorder called fibromyalgia can produce these symptoms (tenderness). Sometimes repetitive injuries or strain can also produce these symptoms. Inflammation of the muscles, joints and surrounding soft tissues like bursa can also cause pain. They are diagnosed by a physical examination. Sometimes blood tests, x rays, bone scan, CT and nerve conduction studies can help clinch the diagnosis. Treatment usually depends on the cause and pain killers are given if the pain is severe.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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I can offer a book for you might be help. It helped me a lot to understand  my body. In my view I think something is missing out of your body.
The Title of the book
Dr Gabor Lenkei
Censored What You May not know about your health

Mr Yeastrol
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I had the same issues....awful pain that felt like it was in my bones.  Found out I was severely vitamin D deficient and Magnesium deficient.  They suspected Fibromyalgia as well but once I got the vit d3 in me these last few weeks my "bone pain" is all but non-existent.  Not sure if that helps others but is what happened/works for me.
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