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Dark Spot on X-Ray. Can you read follow up MRI?

I recently got an X-Ray of my left elbow due to severe swelling and inability to bend after light exercise. The X-Ray showed bone spurs and a small "dark spot" which they advised I should get an MRI for. I got the MRI today on my left elbow and left shoulder (possible calcified tendinitis 1yr +). After everything was done one of the technicians asked me if the previous doctors had given me a report of my elbow. The way she said this was strange like there is something really wrong. The other technician wished me good luck in the future and didn't look me in the eye. Maybe I'm just paranoid but it seems weird she would ask specifically about the elbow and not the shoulder which I have had problems with for a year. It will be a week before the official report is ready and I don't have a good feeling. Anyways if there is anyone out there who can read my MRI they would be great. Also, can you see the spurs? Thanks!

Core PD - http://imgur.com/gallery/xnG1J AX T2 - http://imgur.com/gallery/Mn1TS Core FSE ST - http://imgur.com/gallery/Ry9xL AX PD FS - http://imgur.com/gallery/Hk7Un
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