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Do my symptoms match bone cancer?

Hi, I am 34, male and used to run once or twice a week for 5-10km.

This summer I got a slight pain in my left leg during running. I eventually stopped but my breaks didn't help, so I stopped for a few weeks but no improvement.

What symptoms I have:
    Pain in thigh, shin and either bones and/or muscles
    Warm heat pats relief the pain temporarily
    Cold pats create an intense pain and tingeling in the upper shin (no symptoms on other leg)
    Local pain on the backside of my thigh

What I don't have:
    No swelling
    No bruises
    No accident
    No balance problems

My doc made an X-Ray and nothing suspicious. Requested a bone scan to see if I have bone cancer. My chiropractor assumes it is from the back. My problem is, I can't tell where the pain is really coming from since the symptoms vary often. But it's only my left leg and it prevents me from running and sometimes walking. Does anyone have an idea which condition could match this? I appreciate any help!
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Given your extensive running history, you are at risk for stress injury/fracture. If radiographs negative, consider MRI.
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Hi there, Just read your post and curious about your current situation! How are you doing recently? Did you find the reason behind your pain in the left leg?
What did your doctor say, was it bone cancer or stress in the leg due to running?
I hope you're doing well and there is nothing serious.
Here are some common signs & symptoms of bone cancer: pain in the affected bone, swelling in the area of pain, fractures in affected bones. Other symptoms may include fatigue & loss of weight. If sometimes cancer is spread to lungs then you can also face problems while breathing.
These symptoms are more often due to conditions other than cancer, such as injuries or arthritis.  But if the same problems occur for a long time then it is important to consult with the doctor.
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Hi! Thank you very much for your response and follow up! I got an MRI, several blood tests and and X-Ray, and nothing suspicious could be found. I forced myself to stop running for a while, used some inlays for my shoes and then pain went back by 95% over the last 2-3 months. 3-4 weeks ago I started running again and can easily do 5-8km again. All in all, improving my entire health from all angles (nutrition, resting, stretching, etc.) I think helped. So far I am good! Thanks again for following up!
P.S. I think it was stress(-fracture) related. Besides that, not stretching enough was definitely a contributor to the pain.
Hi there, It is good to hear that you're doing well now and there was nothing serious in your reports.
Keep running like before and keep in touch with your doctor so that you can contact him immediately if you face the same situation again. I wish you a  healthy life ahead.

Best wishes!

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