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Lump in upper arm

About 3 weeks ago I found a lump on the proximal humerus in my left arm. I had this ache in it, sort of like you feel when you have the flu. It didn't last too long, but enough for me to notice it. When the lump is touched it doesn't really hurt, maybe a tiny bit tender, but I get aches and pains in the area of the lump. Sometimes my arm feels tingly and heavy, as if it fell asleep when it hasn't. It's hard to lift up my arm or to use it. I'm starting to get pain in my shoulder, and left clavicle. I'm fatigued and dizzy, very very dizzy. I can fall asleep anywhere at any given moment. I've also been feeling really hot at night. I have a doctors appt on June 2nd, but I just was curious what others thought.

Thanks in advance

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Hi, its difficult to tell without examination and investigations what the lump is due to. It could be a tumor or a cyst or an infection of the bone. I would advise you to consult your doctor, who may then refer you to an orthopedician. A plain x ray may show up the lesion. But sometimes additional tests like CT, MRI, Myelogram and Bone Scan can provide additional information. Regards.
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this scares me because 3 weeks ago i happened to notice what looked like a golf ball on the same area of my arm. no bruising until i started messing with it.  the bump itself doesn't hurt, but the bone aches all the way to the joints in my fingers.  also a constant burning where the lump is.  i go to the dr on wed
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Hello. Did you ever find out what this is?? I currently am experiencing the same issue.
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