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Lymph nodes

Dear sir or madam
I'm shaymaa from Egypt my mother have Tumor in her leg for 10 years and this tumor spread to above hre knee and its weight became so heavy so it sags to down her doctor said it is realted to blockage in Lymph nodes and she can be treated in Germany , hope you can recommend me one hospital in Germany specialized in this case
waiting your reply
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It sounds like lymphedema - at least that is the blockage and the swelling.
Found on a website:
"Treatment for lymphedema includes:

    * Compression (usually with multi-layered bandages)
    * Manual lymph drainage (MLD)
    * Range-of-motion exercises"
"Surgery is used in some cases, but it has limited success. The surgeon must have a lot of experience with this type of procedure. You will still need physical therapy after surgery to reduce lymphedema.

Types of surgery include:

    * Liposuction
    * Removal of abnormal lymphatic tissue
    * Transplant of normal lymphatic tissues to areas with abnormal lymphatic drainage (less common)

Rarely, the surgeon will bypass abnormal lymph tissue using vein grafts. These procedures are not usually successful, and are often done experimentally.

There are many causes of lymphatic obstruction, including:

    * Infections with parasites such as filariasis
    * Injury (trauma)
    * Radiation therapy
    * Skin infections such as cellulitis (more common in obese patients)
    * Surgery
    * Tumors"

Lymphedema is a chronic disease that usually requires lifelong management. In some cases, lymphedema improves with time. However, some swelling is usually permanent."

I am in the US, and I do not know any doctors in Europe, but I hope someone helps you.
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thank you tooo much for your reply to me
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