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Pain in shin and knee

A couple of months ago, i had a dull ache in my shin bone for around 20 minutes. Then it all cleared up, but later i found a painless lump on my shin, which didn't hurt unless you pressed it hard. It was from that point on, i started having random pains, sometimes long and dull, and sometimes short and sharp. It doesn't really have a usual area, but it tends to happen more in my knee, middle shin and the upper thigh. Sometimes when i walk, my right knee clicks. Rarely, when i lie down for a while (this happened once or twice) my leg just jumps.

I googled these symptoms and quite a lot of sites mentioned osteosarcoma. And every now and then i get pains in my wrist, upper arms etc, so could it spread that quickly in 3 months? Is it likely to be anything serious?
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I cannot confirm anything without a complete clinical examination. Leg lumps can be caused by any number of conditions, including infections, inflammation, tumors and trauma.Cysts, angiomas, lipomas are few common possibilities. Both benign and malignant tumors of the skin, soft tissues, or bones can sometimes feel like leg lump.Osteosarcoma does cause pain, limitation of movement and pain at tumor site. Only blood tests and a biopsy can determine whether the tumor is cancerous. It is best to consult an orthopaedician and get yourself evaluated. Do keep me posted on how you are doing. Write to us again.
Best of luck!
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