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Previously stable Enchondroma growing and causing pain

I am a 44yr old female diagnosed with a 2.4 x 1.7 cm femur enchondroma in 2011. Have had every source of pain ruled out. Dec 2012 said it was unchanged, stable and dormant. Have had intermittent excruciating bone pain that wakes me up at night and subsides in 6-8 hours. Pain and episodes increasing to several times a week. Last bad episode lasted two days and sent me to the ER. X-ray from two weeks ago still quotes benign features but it now measures 3.7 cm x 2.7cm. I keep being told by GP they don't usually cause pain but every possible pain source ruled out. I have been in pain with this for almost 5 years. I don't usually take narcotics for it. Take ibuprofen. Have tried heat, stretching, massage, changing positions, ice etc. Doctor has me trying high dose aspirin for pain which isn't working. Incidentally I also have a thyroid and small lung nodule and  will be having ultrasound and CT at the end of the week. Should I be concerned that the enchondroma is not really being treated? I'm tired of having pain
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