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Question about Bone Scan Results


I have the results of a bone scan that was taken last week and the doctor stated that there was a "hot Spot" lit on the top part of my femur to the middle of my thigh. I originally went to this doctor because I had hip pain and the first orthopedic surgeon stated that I had a tumor on my pelvic bone and that was the cause of my pain and not my hip joint. It started with the first doctor thinking I had Avascular Necrosis of the hip joint, because I have a version of sickle cell disease. So I took the referral to an orthopedic oncologist for this pelvic bone tumor. The Onco doc sent me for a bone scan and said that he didn't think that the tumor on my pelvic bone was malignant, he was right he said that the tumor was benign and that it was not the cause of my pain. He then told me about the hot spot that showed up on the bone scan. Before I went for the one scan he stated that the pelvic tumor was probably benign and if it was it would not "light up" on the bone scan, he stated that only malignant bone tumors light up because of the increased cell activity. Now he is rushing to get me a biopsy of my femur but he said that he don't think it's malignant.

I don't understand first he stated it would be malignant if it lights up but now that something else is lighting up she says not to worry it's probably benign and that it may be just an infection (osteomyelitis) in the bone (one of the other things that cause the bones to light up) but when he asked if there were the normal symptoms of infection present (fever, swelling, night sweats) I told him no. The only problem is that my hip hurts for me to do anything, I can't sit too long , or stand too long or lay on it too long. I have a dull but very high on the pain scale pain in my left hip.

At this time I have a biopsy scheduled next monday on the 10th and getting results back on the 25th. I go to pain management who is treating me with 7 day pain patches (not working but going up on dose since the pain doc said he now knows what the cause of the pain he can better treat it (which I agree) he said that there were stronger patches available to me because of the diagnosis.

Any help would be appreciated, personal experience with any types of confirmed bone scan results.
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Your Doctors had not considered a syndrome called "Fiberous Dysplasia" have they?

I had similar symptoms that seemed vague for +- year until I accidentally sheared a small piece of metal into my knee.  My Family physician, God Bless him, remembered my vague pain and asked the ER to Xray the hip and that's how it was found.  Mine was located on the Femur Neck.  It was beginning to cause microfractures as the fiberous (nonmalignant) substance began displacing bone.  As I understand it, it isn't truly determined to problematic until a surgical biopsy is done.  My biopsy was done during surgery because the thin part of that bone would neccesitate a hip replacement if it completely fractured.  

You may find a Orthopadic Oncologist (this is the specialty that treats this disease) at either Hopkins or at Penn State Hershey Medical Center.  
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I wish, unfortunately I live in Texas but the Orthopedic Oncologist that I have is great. What ever type of something that I have doesn't show up on xrays??? I have been trying to find information about a bone tumor that does not show up on xray. I go for my biopsy on Monday and I get my results back on the 25th of September. I already see a medical oncologist for a blood disorder that I have...I am going to ask him tomorrow what type of tumor in the bone that can not be seen on xray. Thanks for a lead to my clues lol I will do some research on Fiberous Dysplasia.
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I have used pain patches such as fenatyl and lidoderm and oxycodone but narcotic drugs never alleviated any of the bone pain I had.  

What has worked is a drug called Relafen and its generic called nabumetone.  Relafen is tough on the stomach so I wouldn't recommend taking it at night.

Please let me know what you find out because this "fiberous dysplasia" is a relatively rare disease.  FYI, I did read somewhere but I can't find it right now that consumption of sodas somehow contribute to this disease.
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