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Small lump under skin of middle finger

So today I discovered a small lump, maybe a milimeter or at most two in size, in the center of the joint where my middle finger joins my hand.  It is not painful.  I am 19, with no history of cancer in the family.  I have recently been having aching pains in several areas of my body (mostly groin, chest, and adbomen), though I don't know if it's the bone or the muscles.  What could this be?  I didn't see any other bone-related forums, so I posted here.
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19 as well and I actually have that same pea like lump in my middle finger, the joint right before my palm begins. I looked on multiple websites and talked to my mom, who has had the same thing. It could possibly be something called Sebacus cyst.  The doctor can cut it out but they say chances are it will just come back. Although they're not something you should have to worry about too much, you should probably just talked to a doctor and see what he said.
If you find anything else out, post it on here, id like to know.
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