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Very painful shoulder and bone marrow edema in tibia and fibia

Hi all, I hope to get some advice about 2 conditions I have that started within 6 months of each other.  In January this year I went to see my GP because I was experiencing severe pain in my right knee area if I walked for more than 10 mins - I'd had an issue for 12 months or so, but it was getting worse and worse to the point I couldn't alter my lifestyle anymore to accommodate it. At the same time i'd also lost most of the movement ability of my left arm.  The Dr said I had shoulder impingement and gave me a cortisone injection then and there - he also wanted to put one into my knee, but I told him I would rather see a bone specialist first - he agreed and referred me.  The shoulder took a week to respond to the injection and then appeared to heal.  In the meantime I saw a specialist about my knee - I didn't mention my shoulder to him as it wasn't painful anymore.  I had an xray and then an mri on my knee and a few weeks later I got the results.  I have florid bone marrow edema in the bottom of my thigh bone at the knee and in the top of my shin bone at the knee (fibia and tiba).  My patella has minimal wear and the menisci are intact. I also have moderate synovitis around the knee joint and chondral lesions. The specialist is puzzled as to why this has happened and before he can go in to operate or check the cartilage I need to wear an off loader brace for 6 months to reduce the odema. I have physio every day, magnetic pulsing once a week for the synovitis and must avoid walking or putting weight on it.  In the meantime, after 6 weeks the cortisone for my shoulder wore off. I tried physio for a couple of sessions which also didn't help - the pain in my shoulder and arm came back with a vengeance - even typing this it hurts - both my leg and shoulder ache more at night and I find it hard to get comfortable.  I had a 2nd injection with the Dr, but this time my shoulder didn't respond. With all this going on, I also have bad pelvic pain and after a few investigations it was discovered that I have 2 large tumours (benign tumours) in my uterus.  I feel like a walking medical case at the moment.  So here's my concern.  I don't know what caused these things to happen.  My GP is lovely, but never remembers me from one visit to the next as he is so busy. The shoulder Dr and the leg Dr are at 2 different hospitals and don't communicate because its all through computer systems (they can't even get the system to send letters to the right address for me). Being tired is now just part of every day life, I get bouts of sudden nausea for no apparent reason and feeling very down with the sudden change in lifestyle (I was very active before, walking, gardening, cycling, playing badminton and travelling).  I was bothered by the onset of these conditions at the same time, so looked up to see if there could be an underlying condition linking them.  And now I've scared myself!  I see that there are two types of bone cancer that effect exactly these areas - the upper arm, the leg bones and possibly the pelvis!!  Should I push the Dr at my next visit to explore this?  What should I ask them to do?  Thank you so much for reading this rambling. ps. I'm 44, healthy weight and the mother of two grown up children  ..Janey
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