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Can Bone Marrow examination be done in case of low platelet count

Hello....My mom has been suffering from anaemia from a very long time.For about the last seven years(2005-12) she took B-Long,alpha-d3 and Livogen tablets everyday along with decadurabolin injection once every two months.Last year suddenly her platelet count dropped down to 41000 /cu mm  because of liver infection due to chronic hepatitis b(infected since birth).She went to a haematologist who prescribed her to take Lamivudine 100,Cheri tab,folvite and becozinc caps. everyday.Her liver condition has improved but the platelet count is still about 60000 /cu mm,TLC-2700 /cu mm.She has never carried out a bone marrow test(none of the doctors have recommended till now).Now my question is that can there be any adverse effect if my mom undergoes a bone marrow test with such low platelet count?
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