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Infusion Technique

Is the marrow infused JUST LIKE a blood transfusion or are there some differences?
Needle gauge, I assume is lower, and the rate...but otherwise, is it the same?
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Marrow or stem cell infusion is given similar to a blood transfusion. Patients who are undergoing stem cell transplant already have a larger, central catheter placed (not just a peripheral IV catheter).  

Although the infusion is similar, certainly the implications of infusing marrow/stem cells as part of a stem cell transplant process is much different.  The care before and after is much more intense.  The potential risks and complications are higher. Patients generally receive premedications to reduce the likelihood of having an immediate reaction. They are monitored throughout the infusion period.  Following this, they are also monitored closely for weeks and months in order to evaluate and treat any acute or chronic effects of the stem cell transplant.

Thanks for your question.
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