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Pain after transplant

My father (70 yrs old) underwent a stem cell transplant the last week of December 2011, for Multiple Myeloma.  About a month after coming home (mid-Feb), he started having severe back pain.  He also has this feeling as if his torso/ribs are being squeezed - like his skin is shrinking. He can breathe okay but has a lot of pressure. The doctor prescribed Vicodin for pain, but other than that just says that he shouldn't be still having pain from the transplant.  He doesn't really give any idea of what could be causing it - just that he shouldn't be having pain. He did have another bone biopsy after which the technician told him his bones were too spongy, but he hasn't yet talked to the doctor.  He is scheduled for an echocardiogram, and bone density test in the next couple of days.  Dad also has terrible constipation, but his doctor doesn't think that is causing the back pain.  I'm about ready to get a second opinion, but thought I'd ask if anyone has heard of severe pain or this weird pressure feeling lingering months after the transplant?

Thank you.
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