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ADHD and Borderline personality Disorder

I have a brother that has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.  He  was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder as a young child.  Due to his impulsive behavior he made many bad choices, and he was disruptive. He seemed rebellious or vindictive when he could not have things done his way.  Is there a correlation between borderline personality disorder, and ADHD or ODD.

I recently completed a paper regarding the relationship between the two conditions.  This paper outlined how earlier and better diagnosing, and treatment can help people overcome or prevent borderline personality disorder. How many people were diagnosed with ADHD, or ODD  when they were younger?
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I have struggled with BPD for several years... Diagnosis's before then were of the ADD OCD PTSD.... All after of course the generic first initial depression diagnosis- from my experiences as well as the research I have personally done on BPD, these are all symptoms of the BPD. That's basically what borderline means.... Bordering on all disorders- almost like a disorder cocktail. No wonder people think those will BPD are severely disturbed, out crazy... Wouldn't all that drive anyone mad? People with BPD don't choose to behave the way they do.... More support and awareness needs to be out there. For those who suffer from it as well as those who suffer with those who have it. Thank you for being so concerned about BPD and the lived one affected by it. Its inspiring!
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