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Advice for helping a friend out?

My best friend is the person I talk to the most and she has BPD.
As her best friend I worry about her and I try my best to help her even though it gets extremely hard to.
She is a very passionate person and I adore that about her. Sometimes those passions do get too strong though.
She is very into gore and blood and it scares me because she self harms A LOT.
Nothing seems to stop this and she does relapse if she stops for a while. Of course I understand that relapse is part of the process of stopping this type of things but it's very hard for her to find an outlet.
Sometimes it triggers her and in part I feel like this is part of her fascination with it.
This isn't the type of gore you see in movies either, this is real self mutilation.
Should I try to stop her from this or let her go on with her fascination?

An other problem is that she cannot settle on who she wants to be and what she likes.
By this I mean gender and sexuality.
One day she will like males and females, then will like non-binary people and then no one.
This bothers her and it bothers me because I don't know what to tell her.
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