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Are you interested in Mental Health and Employment?

Hi everyone,

We are looking for people to complete some online questionnaires about employment and well-being. We hope the questionnaire will highlight potential areas of support for the person seeking to return to work. The questionnaires will only take about 10 minutes to complete online.

Please go to this website to find out more or complete the questionnaires: https://PreparednessforEmploymentScale.com

The questionnaire is designed for people with personality disorders, however, anyone can take part as we are just testing how well it works. In other words, people with and without mental health difficulties can complete the questionnaire. For every person who completes it, we’ll donate £1 on their behalf to a mental health charity of their choice (out of: Young Minds: Child & Adolescent Mental Health, Mental Health Foundation, or Rethink). So far we have raised £441 and counting!

Thank you!
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