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Borderline Personality Disorder

I was just diagnosed with BPD , on top of my already existing BP1 , vascilating into BP2 (stanfords words, not mine). Can anyone share what they found worked for them when treating BPD? I fear the outside world and I have a constant apprehension that my neighbors are staring at me if I go outside. I feel  threatened when anyone gets within 2 ft of me in long lines (this happens at Starbucks and peets all the time).  Thanks for any consideration
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The main treatment for BPD is DBT (Dialectic Behaviour Therapy). It teaches u how to deal with and live with BPD. Here in Ontario, they teach these classes at CMHA, for mental health and addiction. It's quite a long process tho, takes about a year or so. It really does help tho.
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