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Can you pull yourself out?

So you ever know... Really know that you are falling down that awful dark hole? Are you able to pull yourself out? Or do you just have to let it run its course? How do you pull yourself out? Could you always do that or is it something you learned?
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I don't have any answers really but I just know exactly how you feel. I'm constantly spiraling down into this dark pit of despair and pain and suffering and I can never get myself out. It doesn't help that I have such an unsupportive partner who likes to point his finger in my face and tell me I put MYSELF through this. There's just no one to help, I've been down the road of so many medications since I was 18 (I'm now 35) along with group therapies, endless counselors, a few psychiatrists and changed relationships a few times. I'm almost at a breaking point I feel and I'm scared of what will happen. I wish someone could give me some help too.
Thank you for responding. We're not alone in our struggles at least.... My heart goes out to you.

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