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Can't cry

this might seem weird, but As the title says, I can't cry. In fact, I haven't cried since 2007( I cried back then because my neck was in so much pain). I'm just 17 years old and I'm thinking, maybe this is not ordinary. I had romantic problems and I didn't cry, I studied away from home, everybody cried and I didn't, I had family problems (with my mom). at first It might seem like no big deal, but in fact, I really wanted to cry many times but It didn't work! it's dissapointing. you can't imagine how that can break a guy because I don't think many poeple have this issue. it's true that I like to be a hardcore guy, but when I'm alone, I sometimes want to throw some tears in to feel better. I want to cry while praying. I want to cry when I listen to a good song for god's sake! please help me out here!
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See a psychologist, you could have mood disorder, or your tear producing glands could be defective, either way, see a professional.
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I know what you mean. I couldn't cry for a few years after a traumatic event. I couldn't feel anything actually. I felt frozen and I really hated that. I was scared I would be like that forever. The feelings and the tears came back eventually and now I cry whenever I see a sad movie. I think you just have to be patient with yourself.
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