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I know that online tests are never 100% accurate, but for every BPD test I've taken online I always score a number which is in the level of severity. I am already self-diagnosed with social anxiety disorder. I have always felt out of place, even throughout chidhood, and whenever I read the lists of symptoms and characteristics of BPD so many of them are relatable and I worry. Do I have BPD? I can't afford to go to a psychiatrist, and I don't want my parents to worry.
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u very well might. I think the biggest characteristics is change in perspective, (Alternating GREAT self worth to hating yourself. This goes w/ appearance too.) ALSO IMPORTANT, changing views of others, practical worship to complete demotion of people close to you. This causes a lot of off and on relationship. These changes are generally on a time schedule, like bipolar. BPD and bipolar are similar in symptoms , so you could have bipolar instead, it is often associated w/ anxiety. I'd say the most obvious & differentiating factor is how you see others(if u alternate EXTREME emotions for them, love hate love hate, bipolar is MORE SO the overall happy, sad, although this also characterizes BPD
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