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Do I have BPD?

I've always been a bit of a seemingly bi-polar guy and I've never really had good control over my emotions; especially

when I get angry. So sometimes my friends tend to joke about me having BPD 'cause I switch so quickly that I

almost seem to be a different person and then I snap back to a happier mood after just a few seconds. It's weird

'cause I feel like the same person, but even I sometimes feel like my emotions and thoughts tend to change so

quickly based on whether i get initially mad or excited over something.
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BPD isn't necisarilly characterized by symptoms like that, though moodiness is certainly a large aspect it's not quite the same as you would see with bi polar disorder. Often people with BPD are incredibly impulsive and drawn to risky behaviorS, especially sex. The disorder is also characterized by patterns of unstable relationships. One of the best summary a of the disorder is the title of the BPD "bible": I-Hate-You-Don't-Leave-Me. I would strongly suggest doing some more research, especially reading the aforementioned book, and contacted a therapist asap as the most effective treatment for BPD is usually behavioral  therapy. In the meantime, avoid any substance abuse or drug use of any kind, try to remember that you can control your emotions more than you think, and stay positive:)
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