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Has anyone been able to go Med-Free with BPD?

I have borderline personality disorder, bipolar I disorder, anxiety disorder, and sleep disorder. I've recently been diagnosed with fatty liver disease and hemangioma. I'm on a strict healthy diet with absolutely no alcohol, no soda, no sugar, etc.

I want to stop taking all my medications - lamictal 200mg, trazodone 50-100mg, birth control. I can't stop taking xanax because of panic attacks. I don't take it daily and am not addicted.

My doctor said that my liver disease cannot be reversed but I read online that it is possible with a healthy diet and life style to reverse or at least shrink some of the fat. So I want to eliminate all medications, chemicals, everything I can so I have a chance at reversing or improving my condition.

I've been on and off medication for over a decade. I really like lamictal. I feel "normal" on it. I've been taking it for 4 years. At one time I increased it to 250mg but decided to go back to 200mg, which has worked great. I'm going to start lowering it soon, first to 150mg... and hopefully can go completely med-free. If it doesnt work out, then maybe I can at least just stay on 100mg.

Last time I was off my medication, I ended up in a forced stay in the psychiatric ward due to self harm. BUT at the time I was drinking very, very heavy and was in a bad abusive relationship. I'm in a much better place in my life right now. I'm single and FINE with being single! I have stress and depression due to my financial situation and have been in bad health this past year from ear infections (twice), sprained ankle, pulled muscle abdomen hip and lower back, stomach bleeding gastritis, and liver disease. I don't feel suicidal and haven't done any self harm in many months.

I'm going to start therapy again soon. I've been to 12 doctor appointments in the past three weeks from the gyno ER to gyno to primary to physical medicine to primary to ER to primary and tomorrow will be the gastroenterologist. Then I have to do physical therapy twice a week for my pulled muscle and muscle spasms or whatever is going on with my body! I'm scheduling my DBT individual and group as soon as I get my physical therapy appointments scheduled in.

I have to take pain pills right now. I'm not taking them everyday. I've just been laying around in bed. but I have to start working tomorrow and will have to take them. I'm hoping that physical therapy will work quickly and my gastritis will heal so I don't have to take any pain medication.

So.. I just wanted to know if anyone has had any luck being off their medication for a long period of time? Were you able to completely stop your meds? If so, do you go to therapy? DBT therapy, group and individual? Do you take vitamins, suppliments, herbs? Yoga? Alternative medicine and treatment? Acupuncture?

I'm meeting with my psychiatrist soon and will talk to him about lowering my dosage and discuss possibly stopping all medication, with exception of xanax, as needed. I've been told by different psychiatrists and psychologists that I have to be on medication the rest of my life and continue therapy.

I'd rather risk dealing with my mental illness issues than to risk damaging my liver any more. I'm really scared that I'm going to harm my liver. And yes, I know it takes time for this to happen but I am only 31 years old and have liver disease. I'm not overweight. I've been eating healthy (with exception of milk and soda) and was exercising regularly until I hurt my ankle and other pulled muscle and gastritis issues the past 6 months. I did drink heavy, but have completely stopped and will never drink again. I know I shouldn't have been drinking at all with my medication and mental condition. Facing the consequences now..

I'm trying to remain hopeful that I can go med-free and be able to manage my depression. I don't mind my mania except for insomnia issues. Depression and suicidal ideation has always been a problem.
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Hi, i've never taking meds for my bpd.
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Nobody likes to be on lifelong medication but we all take medication because the benefits outweigh risks .  

Especially with Bipolar i wouldnt take chances .. Also "fatty liver" is not same as cirrhosis .. and even then only a doctor will be able to advise .

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Hello hun.  I've been following your posts and comments closely.  You have a lot of compassion for others and I hope you also have a lot for yourself!  You have a great deal going on and you have for quite some time.  I admire you for your insight, medical knowledge and conviction to wanting to heal your physical self as well as your mental well being.  Having been a sufferer of BPD, depression, sleep disorders, eating disorders, substance addiction and repetitive suicidal attempts/self harm, I admire you even more.  I'm not a medical professional but I'm absolutely sure you can heal a lot of the harm that's been done in the past, with you attention to a healthier lifestyle now and in the future.  All of your various battles with alchahol are behind you so you are already WINNING!  Keep up the good work!  You are still very young and have a wonderful fruitful and giving life ahead, maybe helping those who've been to some of the places you've been and come out the other side.  OK perhaps there is some limited damage but what you have will serve you just fine, you have all you need in your determind spirit!  To some folk even managing to find and stick to a healthy eating pattern is somewhat daunting (I'm one of them and still working on it!).  I'm not saying you can stop all meds end of, as you've rightly said, just small steps to decrease the dose is worth a try, but maybe run it by your Psych Dr ?????  Me, I'm happier than I've been for the last 30 odd years in recently finding a combination of meds that help to keep me stable.  Having found them I won't be reducing anytime soon, especially as I still have severe nose dives into depression, binge eating, strong need to self harm and med abuse lapses.  I must add though that these have become less and less.  I'm also in DBT therapy.  One day, when I'm at the point you are at right now, I will think of possibily reducing, it's not out of the question.  Part of this is because I believe, rightly or wrongly, the mood stabilising meds have added to my recent weight gain.  However it's more important for me to live reasonably as I am now, at a higher body weight, than to stop the meds and possibily loose my life at my own hands - the incidence would be high on that one.  Good on you for arriving at where you are today and thankyou for sharing this.  Yes, keep you goal in sight, of med reduction, it's a healthy goal.  However PLEASE PLEASE keep it real and keep it SAFE SAFE SAFE.  The key is knowing yourself and knowing the danger signs and acting with extreme caution.  GOOD LUCK and WELL DONE with your efforts so far, it's all very encouraging to all of us here, no matter our age or shoe size!!!!!!!!!  HUGS   XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
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Sorry but I forgot to add.  Apart from DBT, substance abuse concelling, I'm also studying '' Equine Assisted Therapy ''.  I work with horses and trainers in a riding school which provides '' EAT '' courses.  I'm finding this newish to the UK type of therapy very rewarding and I'm gaining more and more insite to my own problems and issues as time goes by.  I do realise this option may not be available to very many people.  Being a ''horsey'' person I'm fortunate to already work in this sphere.   HUGS.   XXXXXXXXXX

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