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I am very Scared, Feel like crying

So I have been going through something mentally for quit some time now. It all started 5 years ago.
One day in the morning time when I was in light sleep I noticed my hand automatically move up and poke me in my right eye. I had no idea how that would happened on its own. After that I began to feel scared that what if in the night time my hand automatically scratch my eyes or poke them again. Thank god that did not happened. Recently 2 years ago I got injured in my private area. 6 months later one day during the morning my hand automatically moved up and landed hard on my private area. It hurt frown.gif. Once again I did not move my hand and it moved on it's own.

This is the part that makes me feel really sad:

2 days ago during the night time I had a itch in my left eye. I scratched my eye lid and after noticed I lost conscious. I think I may have poked my eye in my sleep. When I got up in the morning I felt a little pain in my eye. Now I think I am being paranoid but maybe my left eye was poked in my sleep by me and it may have been damaged my eye. Thank god I can still see. but still I am guessing I injured my eye and may have caused damage.

here is the thing with me. Lets say I injure my finger and go through the stress of did I break it or is it fine. If I turns out to be fine. I feel happy. But then I think to my self Im gonna damaged your finger in your sleep. And my hand would automatically move and grab my finger and squeezing it. I would have no control :(.  < that was just an example.

Can you please tell me why this is happening to me?

What is this and how can I cure this.
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Is it always the same hand that's moves on its own? Do you also find that you have two distinct personalities some of the time? Have you had surgery prior to the symptoms?

Since you posted this under BPD community, I'm assuming you have borderline personality.... Borderline Personality Disorder really affects a person's perception of what's real and what's not. I promise you that nothing is taking control of your hand, but it might be that you're losing awareness of your thoughts and actions. It could be that you're moving, or touching your eyes, in reaction to a dream, but of course you will never be able to know that.

From a medical point of view, your hand can not move without a signal from your brain. I'm sorry I can't give you the answer that you were looking for, but that's also a sign of anxiety, which it seems you have. Some people do different things that they're unconscious of doing when they're anxious (biting nails, pulling hair, itching, picking skin, shivering, or shaking). I wouldnt be too worried if I were you. Just try to work on staying grounded.
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Great! thanks Sanna. I will try to improve my self.

Good answer :)
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