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I don't know if I have Bpd or not...

Honestly, this is more of confusion than a question, if I'm brutally honest.
Ever since I was young, I'd have bad shifts in moods. Like one second I'm nice, and then I get really irritable and snappy and all I want to do is hurt something or someone.
Sometimes I get lost in my mood and I don't remember much when I actually get better.
The older I get (I've just turned 16) and I realize that it isn't getting better. Little baby things can set me off now and it's confusing but also worrying (sometimes I lose perception of what is real and what isn't.. It's strange )
I attempted to explain it to my parents but they believe that there's nothing wrong with me.
If anyone can help me figure this out or give me something to tell my parents and HOPEFULLY get them to have me checked out.
I will be eternally grateful.
Thank you
-Angela ❤
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I'm sorry to hear your parents are'nt listening to you. It would be a good idea if they did.
I take it you're in school? You must have a school counselor. I would recommend talking to him/her about how you're feeling. Maybe after that your parents will listen to both you and your school counselor.
I wish I could say for sure if you have BPD but it can be a complicated disorder and you really need to be evaluated by a Dr. Preferably a psychiatrist because they can talk to you and you will also be given questionnaires.
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Thank you. I was thinking of asking my counselor. But I'm bad at talking to people. I will try.
Thanks again c:
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Hi Angela,
I think Remar is right about seeing the school counselor. A counselor can be a source of great support and assistance in figuring out what you might have going on and they really are there to help. I saw a really nice counselor when I was in junior high and I think it's a great way to start dealing with your issues right away. I remember how hard life was for me at 16, and my heart goes out to you. <3.
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Thank you c:
Ill try to talk to my counselor.
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