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I have BPD but I can't afford therapy?

I really can't afford therapy because I go to university and I can't have a job,even if I would have it,I prefer to sleep to not have to handle reality,even going to university is really hard. I feel like im losing my mind,I have obsessions,all that makes me go forward in life is having a favourite person and check on them,stalk them,having imaginary scenerios with them,going to places that they are going just to run into them,after that i have mood swings,i hate them,then I love them,those people stay away from me because they dont find it normal. Im all alone. What can I do? I really can't afford it,my parents say that mental ilness is not real and I don't need therapy..HELP! what can I do?
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I have BPD too. I can't afford private therapy either.  This is a serious mental illness that absolutely has to be addressed. Since you are of university age, I suggest you seek help on your own. My parents did not understand either. There is a lot of research being done on BPD and if there is a mental health centre in your area, I suggest you contact them. They might be looking for research subjects. To get help, you have to reach out, probably many times, to mental health organizations in your area. I can't stress that enough. The alternative is to continue living as you are and to suffer a long time. You need to find some place that can provide you with DBT - Dialectical Behavior Therapy. It is not easy to find this therapy, but you must make it your number one priority to find. You will have to work very hard once you get into therapy. May physicians/psychiatrists are frustrated by BPD sufferers because we are hard to deal with. So make sure you have the right attitude, which is to cooperate fully and to do the work. Start by googling the mental health centres in your area. If you don't have a psychiatrist, get one. A psychiatrist will help point you in the direction of sources of DBT therapy. Good luck to you and get going!
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I'm in High School. (only for 8 more weeks.) Me and my counselor at school were talking about how I was going to deal with the whole money and therapy thing when I am in collage, and when my parents aren't paying for it. And she said that there are resources at universities and collages that you can use without having to pay money. We didn't have time to get into specifics, but I think that it's worth it to you to ask around and see what your options are through the university that you are going to.
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