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I have no idea~ borderline???

I took a personality disorder test, and it said Borderline personality disorder very high. I haven't been diagnosed by a medical professional. I have read a little into the disorder, it is so complex to me though. I have no idea what sort of trearment is required, or if borderline is even my issue. I know I have high anxiety, I'm addicted to Arivan, my heart pounds so hard and fast sometime that I feel like I might faint, I feel sad always, I'm scared. I've attempted suicide on many occasions, and I'm only 21. I've struggled with an eating disorder, and just feeling set apart from the world, like i'm not here really. My mind races most of the time,  and I just can't seem to calm myself these days. I don't know why i'm so afraid, or indifferent. I wish for answers... the end.
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I feel alot of the same things you do, I was just diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. You should go to see a dr ASAP to find out more. I am scared, have eating disorders, anxiety, addicted to alcohol, feel sad most of the time, think of suicide. I feel like I am floating over my body instead of inside it. I am trying new meds to see if they help, but you have to go for help. Please go and seek help.
You can talk to me anytime, I check this site everyday.
Take Care
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I have tried many combinations of medications for borderline personality disorder and must be honest and say that the only thing that has helped me at all is DBT therapy and 1 on 1 therapy sessions.  I have the eating disorder, suicidal thoughts, some self abusive issues as well.  They say that the eating disorder is an actual SIB.  I have the racing thoughts and and anxiety so badly I feel I will suffocate and I have major anger/rage issues.  This is a frightening and very confusing disorder but you can feel better with the right help.  BPD is  an emotion dysregualtion disorder and it is very important to get the right kind of help and although I am not against the medications I must say that the right kind of therapy is the key ingredient to getting better as the key is to get at the root of the disorder and retraining your mind the work in more effective ways when dealing with the emotions that are controlling you.  I am also here to talk if you need some encouragement or a little guidance.  

Be Safe,

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Hey Ashley,

I hope this email finds you well and makes you smile.  I admire you because you are searching for answers.  Not everyone does that.  Some people give up and that is the biggest injustice of them all.

My therapist told me BPD is often caused by a childhood with more hate than love.  I don't know if that is true in your case...only you know.  I hope you keep looking for answers because I believe you will find it.

I am not BPD, but a BPD changed my life for the better.  So it is possible.  Be blessed always.

Dave Brody
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hi i am dx with major depression , bpd, generalized anxiety and ocd, i feel almost the same as you , its hard coping , a counselor told me that no meds fix bpd but help with the symptoms accompanied by bpd, i take celxa and abilify it is helping with depression just not anxiety . don't give up looking for help sometimes it takes a while to find what will work for you .therapy is best for bpd and im working on getting into that soon. please get the help you need and know theres many people here that feel you struggles and will help as much as we can
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Hi Ashlymarie,

Keep remembering that there is HOPE, even when you don't feel like there is. Good things are coming.

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