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I want to seduce every one I meet

Does anyone else experience feeling like all the people they meet are potential sexual toys or partners? I have always had a very strong sexual self and am not sure how to balance that now that I am in a monogamous relationship. I feel very unsettled and embarrassed when I talk to anyone cuz I'm thinking of being with them in inappropriate ways.
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I think the best think is to go with what you think is good judgment and what is the right thing to do. If you are concerned about your judgment at any time then wait and think it over. I know we have all discussed here that during episodes of mania or hypomania that its common to experience feelings of hypersexuality and something many of us have struggled with. But I know that you are uncomfortable with clinical language and I would not be one to judge a particular person. So I would say for myself there is a higher sense of self, that defines who I am and what is right and wrong and that takes precedence over  any urges that might detract from it. Its normal to be sexually attracted to people other than your partner. Everyone experiences that. The only moral realm is consenting adult and safe sex but obviously as a person in a monogamous relationship you want to keep within those boundaries as well which makes complete sense. But don't let those thoughts overwhelm you. They are normal for everyone unless they become obsessions in which case its best to speak to someone about them if they are of concern.
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Yeah, well I understand that I'd have love for people as they are but an reflection of myself and I do love myself. And that in our culture love is expressed physically, with the act of sex being the most loving expression. I'm just feeling stifled by an acute awareness that in the past what I perceived as normal, non coming onto you, behavior was being perceived by others as quite sexual. So, it's taking me outta the flow worrying whether I am flirting with folks or not. When I hated myself and everyone on the planet this wasn't a problem I dealt with; I didn't care what anyone thought about me ever.
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heyy.  i'm just going to throw this out there, you can take it or leave it.  sometimes, i think it helps to find the humor in things.  i actually have a blog in which i talk a lot about my struggles with guys, so if you're looking for some comic relief, then you should def check it out.  i am warning you that the premise of this blog is that i basically make fun of myself.  some of the material is a little offensive, but just remember, this is me making total and complete fun of myself.  sometimes, i think laughter is the best medicine.  p.s. i have "father issues".  i mean, my dad hasn't talked to me for at least 2 years, his choice.  it really *****.  i don't know if you can relate.  it's like, my dad left me, so i'm trying to get guys to be with me, and not leave me.  www.hocdetc.wordpress.com  like i said, sometimes, i think laughter is the best medicine.  :-)  but, i want you to know that i am also in therapy, and i have been for years, because i want to get my life together.
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I share exactly what u describe. I don't know the answer but for me it is not gender specific either. That would be a relief if it were. How about u?
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