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Lamictal or Borderline

I was diagnosed a couple of months ago with bipolar disorder type 2 and I experience mixed features. My doctor increased my dose of lamictal two days ago from 100-150mg (100 in the morning and 50 at night). For a time, I've been having trouble restraining myself (but am still able to control myself, it's just hard) when people criticize me or say something about me that I don't like. Now I want to cry when this happens as well. I would also have outbursts in which I'd kinda go on a rant, and it would just kinda come right out (the outbursts are milder, but I feel like I can't dictate what I should and shouldn't say anymore. This started weeks ago and I was on seroquel at the time, and I may have even started 25mg of lamictal. But yesterday I felt very sensitive after taking my lamictal, and it progressed like a roller coaster making it's incline to the top, then drops down faster as we get closer to my night time dose of lamictal. When it peaked, I experienced an emotional fit in which I cried a lot and and it brought up feelings from my childhood (I was very sensitive and lacked self esteem as a child). I was not depressed during and it did not feel like hypomania, or any mixed manic or mixed depressive state. I was just very sad and hysterical. Borderline Personality disorder is a very serious diagnosis, please be delicate. Also, any prayers would be greatly appreciated!
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