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I have been living with BPD for my entire life. I have been on Prozac for my Depression and Geodon for my mood swings for almost a year now. I believe these medications aren't doing anything for me and what I've read about Geodon its an unsafe risky drug. I am 18 and I am going to ask my doctor if I can start lowering my dosages so I can safely quit taking them. Is it legal for him to deny my request of lowering my dosages? I am a legal adult and I believe I should be in control of what I am putting my my body. What are your experiences with this type of situation?
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Yes, that is your right. Second, get into dialectal behavior therapy. You will still have bpd, but will have more control over your thoughts actions and emotions. I went from almost daily episodes I call them, to less then once a month. saved my life! I'm not on amy depression meds either, cuz I'm actually happy!
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Medication that works for you can be instrumental in treating your symptoms.  It can greatly increase the benefits you receive from DBT and other therapies.  If you don't like the meds you are on you can ask about different ones, as there is no med specifically for BPD.
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