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Stress related to anxiety?

I have had many stressful events happen in the past year and have found myself having trouble sleeping.  I also do whatever I can to avoid uncomfortable situations.  I also tend to worry over the smallest problems.  Normally I am a pretty adventurous person but I can hardly get myself to leave my apartment. I have also developed an acne problem.  My problems aren't serious but I was wondering if they where anxiety related and if it would help to go to a councilor or psychologist. Any suggestions?
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Hey I have been ware you are at......and sorry to say I sometimes still go to those place's you are talking about. At One point as I was Newly Married and Moved 2 hours away from Home...Just me and my husband and 3 little kids, Ug Man I could not walk out my door at that time of my life. Only with what I call Safe people. The one's you can do things with and feel Good With them.

But Yes all you are saying I say is Anxiety's  and I did see someone...I saw a Shrink at times and other times I saw a Counselor....they both work well. I can drive around my area now and I was going out side, That is  another story. but You can do it and not have all the fears and or Phobias and Anxiety's  ...So have you seen anyone? And I do know a Few Natural things you can do ...Write me and I will try and help with the Moods...

Take care...
xxooxxx Ladyrhea4
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Hey thanks for the comment.  I haven't seen anyone yet... we haven't really had the money for it.  I do things like yoga and aerobics to help keep my mind and body relaxed.  It has seemed to help.  I also stopped drinking coffee in the evenings and drink Chamomile tea.  I think that has helped my sleeping problem a little.  Things seem to be better now then they were.  Its just been kinda stressful because for the last 5 years I went to college and earned my Bachelor's degree in Education.  Due to family emergencies I had to move to Canada and now I cannot find a job for the life of me.  The situation is probably temporary so I haven't pursued a teaching job.  Sometimes I feel like I have put so much energy and life into something and not a lot of results....
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It is always good to see a doctor to rule out any physical causes.

Trouble sleeping can be due to stress and anxiety with the mind playing stuff over in our heads.  When we confront those issues a lot of the tension naturally dissipates.

You've already made some changes and these are a great start.

I was told not to drink tea or coffee after 2 pm as any later and you get both the stimulant and depressive effects which disturb sleep.

I would be looking at the basics and trying to get them in balance.  Some of those basics include: sleep, exercise, nutrition, taking care of any medical issues, etc.

Your symptoms could easily be anxiety and stress related.  I would also be wary of depression.  I almost sense that the balance may be tipping in that direction.  Getting on top of things now would be a good idea.

Are there other avenues you can take regarding the teaching?  If you aren't able to get paid employment could you volunteer your time?  Voluntary experience is something that can be added to a CV.
Could you transfer some of your skills into another area in the short-term until a teaching job does become available?  Could you offer to tutor?
Sometimes you just need to think outside the square.

Talking to a doctor (and a psychologist would be a good idea if you think that you need therapy to help work through some issues).

I hope the family stuff has settled down.  Did you mean that it was likely that you would return home some time soon and that is why work hasn't been a huge priority?

Maybe you are being rewarded in other ways you just aren't receptive too.  ??
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Like the Above Person wrote to you is great Ideas' I wish I had them when this all started for me. The More you can do the better off you will be.
To let you know , I had a Friend of mine who's daughter who had just got married and had a baby all the sudden started having Anxieties and she Changed EVERYTHING..

She started Eating Different she started working out....She read everything she could on the subject. She started taking Vit.s and Herbs and she would eat only or Most all the time only Natural food...No Sugar that was refined..No Caffeine and all that...

She got Better faster then anyone I know...Why have I don't done that......Crap I love Coffee and so many other things..I might try some of it, because of my Cancer that I have had and that I want to have a full life...

Hey like I said write me if you like......
Take care,
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Thanks... I do think I will see someone if the symptoms persist.  I actually got an interview for tomorrow as an Educational Assistant so I think that will help a lot.  I have always found that if I am working I am a lot happier.  Working too much though typically causes stress so I think this will be a great position for me.  Not drinking coffee in the evenings has helped a lot... I don't think I could give it up completely :).  I think things are a lot better now... I was under severe stress for about 9 months... and its been about 3 months since then. I think after being in a stressful situation for so long and then it was just gone almost made me go crazy.  Since then I have been slowly learning to deal with it... life is improving... but I still have a ways to go.  

(P.S.  I am a Christian so learning to trust in God more has helped a lot too)
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Everybody is different so we each need to work through things at our own pace.
Life is a journey, so let's enjoy it.  Health doesn't mean giving up everything we enjoy.  Some things can still be done in moderation.  

I've had cancer treatment too and the shocking thing is it hasn't motivated me to make changes.  bpd always seems to get in the way.  It is an incredibly frustrating disorder.
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