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Okay, so ive googled and googled and on a majority of sites im finding more and more signs and symptoms to having a "Borderline Personality Disorder"

So im just wondering, what are the actual signs?

Thanks x
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The dsm-iv is the official information on which psych diagnoses are made.  I would check out the dsm-iv for bpd.

Problems with mood.  Depression, anxiety.  Reactive mood, meaning you react to events around you.
Impulsive behavior.  Spending, speeding, sex, drugs, etc.
Safety issues.  Suicidal thoughts, urges, gestures, attempts plus self-harming.
Sensitivity to abandonment, rejection and criticism.
Identity issues.  Not knowing who you are or what you want.  Eating disorders.
Idealizing and devaluing.  Seeing things as black and white/ all-or-nothing/ good or bad.

These are only a few of the possible signs and symptoms you may have.
Feel free to post a list of what you believe are important issues and let us see what we think or alternately visit your doctor and perhaps ask for a referral to a psychiatrist.  An appropriate diagnosis and good treatment can make all the difference.

Good luck.
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Some of the things ive been experiencing are:
- Constant mood changes
- Feeling aggressive and wanting to lash out
- Paranoia that people dont really like me and its all an act
- Suicidal thoughts e.g. comparing others lives being better without me and the extent of cutting myself (yet it was only the palm of my hand)
- Hostility, i hardly ever go out any more whereas i used to be out everyday
- Constantly wanting to spend money until its gone
- Rejection of affection and compliments
- Feel i am trapped in a bubble of constant negative thoughts, i find it hard trying to see the positive

These are some things ive experienced, i dont know if it will result in me having BPD or simply something else or nothing at all and its me over re-acting but if you could give me some advice that would be great!
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