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Okay, so im worried i may have BPD.
I recently took an online test&ive attached a photo of my results, which 90% are over the average..
Im wondering if someone will give me some advice to whether i should go&see a doctor, but my mum doesn't believe my symptoms, and im too scared to go on my own, and im scared a friend will laugh if they hear the situation

I think i may try&contact my doctors through email, but i want some opinions on my results first, thank you!
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I believe these test/quizzes are mostly for fun and shouldn't be taken to seriously. But having saying that if you are struggling with life then it might be a good idea to see a doctor to make sure you are ok and if not then get some help to hopefully make you  feel better
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I expect you had a good reason to do an online personality disorders test.  Because you seem to be unassure of things I would recommend you do talk to your doctor about the test and about your symptoms.  I think the results of an online test are way less important than your symptoms and how you experience life.

I don't think that it is about what your mother thinks or feels or believes but about what you do.  I would talk to your doctor.  That way if stuff is wrong then you can get support.  They may need to rule out physical causes too.
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