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I am so depressed and angry at the world.  I have seen a shrink for 15 years and he retired from his private practice (he diagnosed me with chronic depression).  Last year, my brother died, and I found out I have cancer.  I have had 3 surgeries to remove all the cancer.  I also am an insulin-dependent diabetic.  I couldn't stop crying, and asked the cancer people to send me to a shrink.  After waiting nearly 6 months, I saw one and have been diagnosed with BPD, as well as the depression.  It explains a lot I never understood about myself.  I was only allowed one visit - no more.  I am estranged from my family, and have no friends at all.  I just turned fifty, and am fat.  The waiting list for a shrink here is 2-3 years.  I fear I will commit suicide before then.  Can I live with this disorder somehow?  Without further help?  I feel my life is over, I hate my job, I am lonely.  My cat is the oly love I get and give.
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Anyone who be depressed on the circumstances you are speaking about. The fact that you have bpd would make coping with such a life trauma even more difficult. I am not sure why the waiting list to see a psychiatrist is 2-3 years but unfortunately I only have knowledge of how the benefits system and appeals works in the United States. However, there are independent living centers in Canada as well and they could tell you what coverage options might be available and if there is a way to appeal this process:
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I am so sorry you are living that situation. I am sorry I do not have a nice advise to give you as I am so depressed,,, also with a recent BPD diagnosis, with no family support nor friends.
I only wanted u know  we are family to each other... sometimes I have found encourage from unknown people. I have seen Iladvocate trying helping people here, seems as a good friend. I would like to be able you meet you in person although to give you a hug.

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"no family support nor friends".... I can say it about myself... and it's OK with mee... I'm avoiding people.

I think, I have something like social phobia... but I have never been diagonosed with this. Long ago when I was at school, I was mobed. I was thinking "Just leav me alone!!!"

Long ago I was living with my parents. I was afraid to be at home, when my parents was there. I was happy to come home and see, that nobodie is home
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