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Talking to yourself?

Okay, this may sound weird! but since a young age i have been talking to myself. Like, i lose myself from reality. I imagine a situation or scenario that i am in and i talk to myself about it and the people in my scenario talk back to me but in reality i am talking for them, i don't know if this makes sense or not? and it's really weird. but when i'm out, i don't talk to myself out loud but i do have the conversation in my head. and i do randomly laugh to myself and that's because of the conversation in my head. i dont know if other people have this or not but it's really weird. Today, my brother heard me talking to myself a lot and he started asking questions. but he doesnt seem to understand that i have these weird conversation out loud but in my head everything seems to make sense and these situations i am in, in my head, feels like i am actually in these situations.
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I also have constant conversations in my head.  A lot of times, for example, I will notice something about my thoughts or behavior and I will describe it in detail in my head as though I am telling my therapist, and she responds to me, in my head. It's weird, but I think I've always done it.
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I do the same thing. You're not alone!
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It's normal, everyone does it. You don't have to have BPD either bc normal people (mostly girls) do it ALL the time. Our brains were meant to multitask to get things done. It's how we find solutions in our head, but some people who are more dramatic and have bigger imaginations come up with stories or curious questions throughout our days. Mostly bc your alone and you just want someone to talk too.
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