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Treatments for BPD?? How do they treat yours? Share with me....

Looking for more treatment other than DBT, and CBT.?  Or maybe a good self help book?  My depression is killing meand my life is falling apart because of it :(  Help me?
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I didn't find dbt or cbt that useful.
I had access to a good T for a while.  She had me in therapy three times per week.  Her treatment modality was psychoanalytical.  I would recommend that to anyone.

If depression is the problem then either medication or talking through and addressing the underlying issues.

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I see my psychologist twice a week and we talk about whatever is going on with me that week or whatever I need to talk about. When I feel like cutting I call him and hopefully he is available. If he's not, sometimes I cut or sometimes I go to a public place that's quiet, like the library. This is helpful for me.
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