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Where is the hope for B.P.D. sufferers?

I'm offered help for separate issues concerning B.P.D.  It has never been excepted that I combine all the issues surrounding B.P.D.  Also, never will it be treated as an illness in itself.  Where, where is the hope?  Do I have to continue jumping from symptom to symptom support, because it's making me sicker.  There seem to be so many facets to this disorder - when is there going to be any hope?  Jumping from each symptom to another makes me feel like I've got all the problems under the sun.  I've got no chance of getting better, due to Agoraphobia, so I can't make much progress ... first making it to an appointment .... then told I have to make it to other appointments with different people, here there and everywhere.  This happens again over, until I'm going around in circles.  One Borderline Personality Disorder Clinic please.  Sounds impossible as you can't box this illness up very neatly.  Does anybody catch my drift?
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Hope is something either tangible or intangible that we hold onto.

I am not a huge fan of dbt but I think they have a point when they say where there is life there is hope.

I have found that there are some really good therapists (and doctors) and also some not very good ones.

Anxiety seems to be as the core of bpd.

I was diagnosed with cancer.  I got so sick of going to therapy and not making progress in my own life that I enrolled in an organic gardening course.  It is so nice not having all my issues brought up constantly.  It's actually given me some space to breathe and to find myself.

I was the same as you with agoraphobia.  For a long time I was too anxious to leave the house or even travel short distances.

For the past few years I have been on mirtazapine.  It has helped my anxiety a lot.

I think part of bpd is integrating components and making them a whole.  Splitting treatment isn't ideal but sometimes the best we can do is accept what treatment is on offer.  If it helps, great.  If it is damaging, reflect on why that may be, try and work through it and if need be leave.

I don't know that there are any quick fixes for people with bpd.  I take some solace in the fact that we are hugely resilient (and resourceful when we need to be).

Best wishes for your journey.
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