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asking for help?

So....I've been living with struggling with and suffering from BPD for many years. Been receiving treatment for some mental illness for 18 years.... I've moved around a lot, can't seem to find the right place, so of course new move, new doctor. Each doctor seem to disagree with the last- new diagnosis, new meds. All these years being guessed upon for diagnosis's, Bern prescribed the last drug the rep just dropped off.... It was 6 years ago since I survived our was BPD. Only in the last year and a half I was finally getting the treatment I needed- until this passed summer... My youngest child turned six, I no longer qualify for medical care. My therapy ended, meds have stopped.... I feel my mind spinnng out of control. Every blog, website, self help show our book...they all say ask for help! I read posts on here from concerned friend it family members of people with BPD and wish I had someone like that, to help me. I no what's wrong with me, I know I need help.... But what do you do when none is offered our available. I am terribly terribly burdened by my mind- will someone please hear me!!!!
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Hello, here are some site to look over; I feel bad that you were cut off from getting help like that. Have you thought about Disability? That would give you all the help you need. Plus an income and a check for each child you have.


I hope all works out for you.

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Being cut off so suddenly and not feeling like you have support is very difficult to be going through. I agree that looking at disability payment options would be good thing right now. This is very hard to function with and you need some help to be able to work through things and get to a place where you are able to handle things better.
I wish you the best with this and hope things can be sorted out soon. Hugs
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Hi, depending on your income, Medicaid (Healthnet for children and parents) covers children under 19 years of age and their parents. Here is a link that may be helpful.


Good Luck!
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