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cymbalta (duloxetine 60mg)

i suffer with BPD and have tried a number of meds. My phyc has now put me on Cymbalta.
I have suffered with alot weight gain from sertraline which im still trying to get off.
I dont want to go down that route again.
Has anyone taken cymbalta? did u gain weight? how did it effect ur moods?
thanks in advance.  :)
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I don't know about cymbalta.

But I know a good webside about healthee food, that might help with the weight.


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Don't know about cymbalta, but don't try Zyprexa, I was on that for 9 years and gained 60 lbs!   Went off Aug last year and have lost almost 50 of  that....plus I felt like I was in a fog all the time...
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Thank you ill check that website out.  
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Thank you, ill stay away from that med. Well done on the weight-loss. I gained 32lb on sertraline (zoloft) and havent managed to shift much at all.
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Duloxetine normally has the other effect of actually switching off the hunger levels in the body unlike sertaline so you should be fine
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i'm on Cymbalta, it helped with my depression and anxiety. Its most helpful effects for my BPD symptoms were that it allowed me to fully participate in DBT therapy and skills training. Before, I would frequently get too anxious or depressed to go to therapy, so I never made it all the way through a program.
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