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My daughter had been taking prescribed drug Effexor and stopped it cold turkey.  She has flipped her lid.  She has left her husband, took the kids and has extreme anger issues and nobody can talk with her, as she feels she is right in all things.  She has not been herself since she was pregnant with my grandson 2yrs ago and I feel alot (or most) of her problems have stemmed from PPD.  What can be done about this situation?  She has been on Effexor 6mos. and asked her doctor to lower her dosage (which they did, before she stopped it cold turkey without their knowledge, two weeks ago)
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Well the best thing to do is encourage her to speak to her psychiatrist so they work with her to start medication again. PPD can make things worse and with treatment after a while it should subside although she may have depression and need to remain on medication regardless but it might improve.
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I really appreciate you responding, however, my daughter is not speaking with me either nor have I been able to speak with my grandkids.  Her husband called the psychiatrist yesterday, and he seemed reluctant to do anything.  Maybe he called her today.  Without him intervening, we don't know what to do or expect from my daughter at this point.
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I was taking effexor before also and my doctor SPECIFICALLY told me that you can not stop this medication cold turkey because it can have adverse effects on the mind. I was taking this medication for anxiety (but both my sisters and my mom were also taking the medications for other reasons) but they prescribe it for a lot of different reasons. I hope your daughter pulls herself together.
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