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feelin suicidal

on the 17th november i discovered that i had a silent miscarriage, on top of having a stillborn baby last year in july 4 days ago i tried to kill myself by slitting my wrists but i didn't succeed ended up over [email protected] this is obviously my borderline traits coming out, all my partner has done since this happened is left me to it he said hes not bothered about the baby he said he was going to see me today, but decided to go out drinking with his friends instead, i feel so rejected and unloved all i keep thinking about is ways to kill myself and what a relief it would be when i'm dead
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I am sorry for Your loss, You are never alone though.
There are many people who understand what You are going through and have been through and it is shame Your partner can not be one of those at the moment.
It is possible he is grieving in his own way, man are a lot more stubborn than us
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Hi Lauraj1981,

I don't have any wise words, just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you.  I've had times of being suicidal too, as would many people who contribute to this forum; I've felt rejected by friends, family and partners at times. You're not alone in feeling this way.  I'm not sure if it's even helpful, but I really feel for you and I just wanted to lend my support in this small way.  If you can, keep connecting with people who understand.

Warm regards...
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you have my deepest sympathies on the loss of your child. having experienced miscarriage myself, it is a terrible feeling and profoundly heart breaking. the utter feeling of helplessness alone is enough to possibly break a person. you have shown a great deal of strength in not only sharing your loss with us here but also in asking for our support.

i sincerely hope that you don't give up on having children. i had eight miscarriages before i was finally able to have my first. it took some help getting my PCOS under control, but we were able to have two beautiful boys. don't give up hope.
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