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obsessed w/ this sight

Is anyone else obsessively checking this site? I log onto this site and face book up to 10 times a day. I guess there are worse things to obsess about - like cutting or suicide.
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It depends as to the reason why. If you have other more engaging things to do with your time that's one thing but if you find the support helpful and need it now that's another. I am here and a variety of different forums across the web almost all the time because I am homebound because of my physical disability and can hardly communicate (I use a TTY) but as physical treatment adjusts I am trying to go out more with accomodations. An "obsession" by time is something that is a fixation that preocuppies your mind and takes up time that could be spent doing something else. See if there other obsessions in your life or you just need support and find some helpful advice here. It depends.
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Obsessed? no.
Interested enough to check it out on a regular or daily basis? yes.
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