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should be sleeping

Iv got to be up in 6 hours to take my daughter to school I took some herbal sleeping tablets to help me sleep then I got sucked into a 3 hour long film now I'm kicking myself knowing iv got to be up soon my partner can't take her in because he would be really late for work Wednesdays are the only days that I have to do it iv got to take my other 2 children with me too so now I'm really anxious about it and really can't sleep because I'm too scared I won't wake up on time for the last week I have been struggling to wake up and each day I'm in even more pain really need to get sorted I just want to be normal
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    Achieving proper sleep can be difficult. Sleep hygiene (there are some good posts on it, you could also try posting this question in the anxiety forum) helps a person with this concern. One thing to do is go to sleep right
away even if you don't feel tired. Try not to do activating an hour before you go to sleep. If stress is a concern you could talk that over with a therapist or if you are seeing a psychiatrist.
   If you have any physical concerns that can sleep disruption
you could talk this over with your doctor. Other than that there
are some prescription sleep aides that can be of help.
Its best to discuss how any natural sleep aides might work
with a doctor or pharmacist. Long term sleep disruption
can be part of some psychiatric disabilities so that would
have a different cause and follow up.
  These are potential long term solutions.
For tonight see if you can try to lie down
and see if you can rest a while and get
some sleep as you'll probably feel better tomorrow regardless.
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Hey I have bpd and that's as far as we have got really I was diagnosed with ptsd anxiety social anxiety/phobia depression and a few other things then last year I was diagnosed bpd iv never really been a food sleeper other than as a baby iv had nightmares as long as I can remember its driving me nuts got to be careful with meds as I have 3 young children and none of the therapists in my area will help so I have to go private but have to sort the money out first so I can do it with no breaks
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