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what more can i do?

about 3 years ago now, son was taken into care through domestic violence towards myself and i had a psyological assesment done which said i had traits of a BPD then i had another done in 2009 and also a phyceatric assesment done which also said the same thing i was adviced to seek long term psycothearpy, i went to the gp and was reffered to the mental health team in the local hospital, i had a number of interviews with them and had a discharge letter saying even though i have traits of a BPD i do not meet the dianostic critria, what do i do now????? i ned my kids back and untill i do this long term psycotherapy they are not even gonna look at it plz help me
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This almost seems like a legal question that should be addressed to your attorney or other court advocate. The only thing I would suggest is to seek out a psychotherapist for talk therapy (counseling) with whom you are comfortable. The child welfare system is concerned with safety of the home environment and parents' stability. By engaging with a therapist individually for a period of time, s/he will develop enough knowledge of you as a person to be able to write a report either that is favorable returning your son to your custody, or recommending further actions for you to take to prepare for that.

Best wishes to you.
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You should speak to your GP or mental health service for a re-referral or for psychology input.
It would also seem appropriate to seek legal advice re: getting your kids back.  Having a process in place may also help you feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel.
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