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4 years of chronic dizziness?????
For the last 4 years this has been troubling me. I remember when it started so well.I was just getting out of my car from lunch and this strange sensation swept across my head starting from the base of the skull and wrapping around my head till it met in the middle of my forehead.From that point on Its hard to explain how I've felt but I'll try..It's almost like being a little high,kinda spacey and very lethargic.almost as if a mask had been placed on my face.My GP hadn't a clue and sent me for an MRI of my brain which came back normal and unremarkable which I found to be both relieving and insulting lol..I also had another doctor who said the could be ware on the casings on some nerve endings,not unlike a old worn out electric wire..But also said he was just guessing.
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Hi there and thanks so much for posting this interesting question! Feel free to post at the phenomenal Neurology forum at Medhelp as well. I can give you an alternative approach. From what you are describing there can be plenty of options as you may imagine or your doctors guessing. Number one I will speak about your chronic dizziness. In the brain again it can be multitude of symptoms causing that but in many cases it is caused by inner ear injury causing to dizziness, vertigo and loss of balance.

Balance is defined as a state of equilibrium. It requires a large amount of work and the interaction of several multi sensory systems for this to occur in the body. The brain uses inputs from many sources to understand where the body is located in relationship to the space you inhabit (proprioception) and to allow it to function. Sensory information from the eyes, ears, and position receptors in the rest of the body help keep the body up straight and allow it to move in a coordinated fashion. So if this is the case you need to follow specific exercises requiring left to right and balance coordinated movements.
NUmber two if you feel really tired at all times it can be again may things but sometimes is that you feel your brain is atrophied you need to move and exercise in a specific manner and see if the symptoms disappear or decline.
Meditation can also help with stress and anxiety helping to a better integration into the different systems:

Again sometimes is that we need to retrain our brain in specific ways and integrate different pathways for a better functioning and results. However it can be that there is something else that needs to be monitored since 4 years of chronic dizziness that is serious and highly uncomfortable so i understand your frustration.

Trying doing these exercises and monitor if you feel better

I would suggest ten minutes in the treadmill at very mild walk or fast walk as long as you don't run out of your breath. Then you need to condition your muscles at the same time by increasing progressively your strength. So get bottles of water and raise your arms fifteen times then rest for 30 seconds then raise your bottles over head 15 times and rest for 30 seconds. You want to train a lot of repetitions with very low resistance. Then finish with some balance exercise like from a  standing position raise one leg and hold that position for 20 seconds then change.

Then finish with Meditation for a calmer Mind and more focused brain. Anxiety and stress is a real killer and meditation can help you. Just sit down in a quiet place and breathe deeply focusing in your breathing, do it 100 times

I hope this helps and make sure you consult your doctor before you engage into any form of physical activity

Thanks so much
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