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Body fatigue

Hello i am a 22 year athlete, and i have been having some troubles lately with my muscles. I have notices a decrease in stamina, and an increase in perspiration. I get really hot sometimes and occasionally experience night sweats . If my muscles are relaxed and i suddenly exert myself and i can feel a slight pain in the muscles that i am using.  Any responses would help  
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As a Professional Ex Athlete i know what you are referring to. Many Athletes train to exhaustion when it should not be like that. Athletic training requires a combination of different disciplines but not always to exhaustion. In addition it is an absolute imperative in athletic training that you must have gone through several progressive stages such as preseason, regular season or playoffs. I remember once I had a coach who said to me: Michael:"As important is to train effectively to know when to rest"

Athletic Stress and Adrenal Fatigue Continued stress, whether it is physical or mental, has a dramatic impact on how your body functions and your performance.

The adrenal glands are primarily responsible for the release of major stress hormones that help your body deal with stress.

Stress caused by economy, work atmosphere, finances, family and friends  and even athletic training can lead to the sub-optimal performance of your adrenal glands.

When your adrenal glands are exhausted, your body becomes susceptible to a number of diseases and syndromes that can affect not only your physical health, but mental health as well.

In other words you need to listen to your body and those symptoms are clearly red flag and warning signals that you should check with a doctor. On a side note I think you need either to increase your rest, your flexibility and take  some time to reconsider training and condition your body. As a professional athlete i would recommend try to train to a point where you do not feel too exhausted and start adding short workouts to increase metabolism. However the way your body is reacting right now I really think you need to take a break and add some meditation to control anxiety and flexibility. After that initial stage of recovery start adding progressively training and test the difference.

Anabolic vs catabolic hormones- Why is it that I am so critical of myself ? I am never satisfied with the results.

Studies associated:
Influence of body temperature on the development of fatigue during prolonged exercise in the heat

The ‘worn-out athlete’: A clinical approach to chronic fatigue in athletes

Hope it helps and if you have any other questions about training let me know!

thanks again!
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