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Brain Pain from Exercise

I am a 19 year old male of good health and average fitness - muscles on my bones, skinny... I did quite a few Burpees four days ago, and my heart beat to keep up with this; but afterwords I had pain on the top-right of my head. I have read other posts - it was not felt near my face or ears, and was localized in the section of my head I mention before. Trying to sleep the first night I found that it hurt most when I lay flat, so I slept propped up - I woke in the morning with only a reminder of the pain of the previous night.

These past few days after that I have felt a tingling/pain in the same region - not on the same level as the first night... I have not exercised since that night except for light walking, and normal day activities. I have never had such a dramatic headache before - I can only think of prior experiences when I did push-ups, and I had a dull feeling throughout my head after.

I am no medical expert ~ The only connections I could possibly make are these: My heart beat  was high as I progressed through the burpees, and this somehow impacted my head when I finished with them - but why so localized? I also do not think there would be any bruising or damage of this nature, as simply doing an exercise is not as devastating as riding a rollercoaster...

It is not debilitating at the moment - but it is a looming reminder of the worst diagnosis that could exist.
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Hi there and thanks so much for posting this question. A burpee is a combination of cardiovascular training and strength training in one exercise

As you are noticing Burpees or push ups are considered a high intensity movement so blood flow travels fast and at the same time intense brain activity is needed. The fact that you had symptoms afterwards may mean that you should check it with your local practitioner, it could be a blood clot or a simple migraine but as you say the fact that is so localized it should be checked and monitored since most of the anaerobic (without oxygen)exercises may represent in processing oxygen (ATP) and in my opinion that is why you should check it.
Hope you feel better
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