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Brain issue

Hi, about 5 years ago when i was about 23 I had an experience of terrible constipation for about four nights straight. I was in the bathroom pushing as hard as I could for a long period of time, I felt terribly dizzy and my headHead and face felt "bloated" after coming out of the bathroom each time. Anyway soon after I developed the following symptoms which have improved now, 5 years later, but are still around: Dizziness, difficulty remembering, drunk feeling, poor cognitive skills, difficulty speaking, poor motor skills. headache and terrible fatigue, brain fog, can't think, clumsy. Feel out of my self, brain damaged. i have had an MRI about five years after the onset and everything was normal. I have also had an electrocardiogram
- normal. Could I have had a stroke from pushing too hard in the toilet. My symptoms are sometimes better and sometimes worse. They are exacerbated by sugar intake and emotional stress. Could someone let me know what they think.
Any other thoughts what it could be? I was told a microhemmhorage in brain might be possible. Don't know much about that.
What can I do to help these symptoms.
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