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Brian heart or adrenal gland

Help. I've been going through a series of test and so far are are inconclusive. I have had an MRI, EKG, wore a holter monitor, blood work, am scheduled for a pulmonary function test, echo. My symptoms are dizzy, feel in a fog all day, slight to moderate headache that I wake up with every day, i feel shaky when I wake up and tired, I have heart palpitations (but nothing out of the ordinary) I sometimes wake up sweating and hot I get a zinging in my head that makes the foggyness worse and depending on how I move my head I feel more dizzy. Now I can simply be chewing and if my teeth hit it happens, i also have now noticed my ears ringing from time to time. When I'm watching tv or listening to the radio sometime just answering the phone it seems very loud. My doctor is trying everything and to no avail. I am frustrated walkin around in this fog. I do not feel like doing anything but sleeping all day one cause I'm tired and second cause I'm depressed. I get very stressed easily which affects my dizzy/foggy feeling. Since she is not sure she is sending me for numerous test and so far every test comes back normal. I know I'm not crazy something is happening. Please help if you can.
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Hi there and thanks so much for posting this question! Feel free to post this question in the Neurology Forum or similar.

From your description I understand your frustration. I would suggest that you keep visiting an specialist in the field of Neurology that will help you understand the variety of those uncomfortable symptoms. I am going to give you a different approach though. In my experience when I get clients that experience similar symptoms to yours I tell them to get a stress/panic anxiety test. I always ask them to take a step back and add small changes in their lifestyle such as do some meditation in the morning or walking or do some regular exercise, take a new class. Try adding those small changes for two weeks and monitor if there are any significant changes in those symptoms. If the answer is no you need to take a different approach and keep visiting doctors and physiologists till you get the right diagnose, cardiovascular disease can sometimes trigger symptoms as yours.

Those symptoms can also represent changes in the sensory system plasticity and stress and anxiety causes the main catalyst for vice cycle affecting the brain, the muscles the heart and the joints.

My Plan for you: do 3 times a week and please make sure have a doctor approve the following recommendation

Breathing Meditation: 5 minutes in the morning
Stretches: Lower and Upper Back
Strength Training: Raise opposite arm and leg/Raise arms to the sides
Walking: 10-20 minute walking after meditation

I hope this helps!

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