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Bumped my head on car door frame

On Saturday September 24th around 3:30 pm, i was getting a car wash and accidentally forgot something in the car. Upon opening the door and leaning in, i picked up my phone and on the way up i bumped the left side top of my head on the car door frame. It wasn’t extremely hard but it wasn’t light either. I didn’t have any symptoms when it occurred, although about 2 hours after the incident i was messing around juggling baseballs and i started to see floaters for about 10 seconds. i sat down and the feeling went away. On Sunday i felt anxiety about the incident, i was just really worried about it. I didn’t feel any symptoms, although this morning (Monday) when i got up i felt a little off. i felt kind of a little sluggish, and i had some pain where i hit my head.I also do get pimples on my head and right where i hit my head i have a pimple. Im not sure if its related or unrealted? i don’t know if its nerves? am i at risk for anything serious? I know its been a few days but i would like to know as this is annyoing me.

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Head Concussion

Hi Michael and thanks so much for posting this question at the forum. Whenever there is a concussion there is an internal shake up in the brain around the meninges and the skull. Our brains are designed to take a lot of hitting and bumps but to tell you the truth if you have seen clear signals I would go to a neurologist and get check that there is not an internal bleeding or similar. Sometimes in concussions you need to watch for the after effects. Do you remember the case of Liam Nelson wife (Natasha Richardson) who was skiing she felt on the side got home and 2 hours after she passed away cause of severe internal bleeding. That is not your case at all but clearly if you felt something in the motor and coordination areas it is just cause the internal shock.  Probably is just a concussion and it will go away.
I bumped my head few days ago and felt light headed but then went away.
My obligation it is to really recommend you  to get a neurologist and check for internal bleeding or similar but i can guarantee that there is less than 1% that you have that or even that you are going to have consequences in the future but to be safe just check.

Extra Information:

According to an article from the New York Times

“Contrary to popular belief, a concussion is not a bruise to the brain caused by hitting a hard surface. Indeed, no physical swelling or bleeding is usually seen on radiological scans. The injury generally occurs when the head either accelerates rapidly and then is stopped, or is spun rapidly.
This violent shaking To read more click copy and paste here http://topics.nytimes.com/top/reference/timestopics/subjects/f/football/head_injuries/index.html

I hope this helps and I am sure it will be nothing....
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