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CPS diagnosis past surgical help?

I had an EMG recently; I have the right thumb numb for over a year diagnosed as past help by surgery. Left 1st and 2nd fingers numb for at least 6 mos still operative.  Any other options than surgery?
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HI there and thanks for posting this question. I am also going to suggest you to post at the Neuromuscular Forum at medhelp since they can give you some alternative answers.

From what you say numbness is a real critical consequence of the neuromuscular system. Chronic pain syndrome is a very important condition that requires special attention and right now physical exercise, physical therapy play a really significant role.

My suggestion is that you keep doing exercises and see if the numbness goes away. Sometimes activation in specific parts of your body can help to restore the numbness.

-Try clapping for fifteen seconds
-Try to finger point every finger with your thumb do it at least ten times
-Do a large muscle group exercise like raising opposite arm and leg to improve circulation and muscular activation to different muscles
-Flexibility and meditation.
Try doing this circuit daily for few days and monitor how you feel.

I hope you feel better
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